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Eric Björk
Project role(s): Project leader
Personal info: 23/Male/Sweden
Skills & Interests: Quaker4Ever
Hobbies: GF, Wing Chun, Quake, Chatting
Pesonal Page: www.wartyard.com
Email: ebk02001@student.mdh.se

Erik Hugne
Project role(s): Second liutenant in charge, XML integration with Lino
Personal info: 24/Male/Sweden
Skills & Interests: Trying to blow some life into this dead web page
Hobbies: Quake
Pesonal Page: www.wartyard.com/dev
Email: ehe02001@student.mdh.se

Muhammad Qaiser Saleem
Project role(s):
CVS, Implementation of Preview of designer tool
Personal info: 32/ Male/ Married/ Pakistan, belong to the most beautiful city of Pakistan, Wah Cantt.
Skills & Interests: Data Warehousing, Databases, Software Enginnering., Teradata, and ORACLE RDBMS. ASF2 Archive and storage facility, some Modeling tools etc.
Hobbies: Having time with family and friends, reading historic stories, visiting interesting places, meeting people
Pesonal Page: no
Email: msm05004@student.mdh.se 

Pierre Waeterloos
Project role(s): coding, integration
Personal info: 23/Male/France
Skills & Interests: C#, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, ....
Hobbies: starcraft, whisky, snowblading, speed-sailing
Pesonal Page:
Email: pws05001@student.mdh.se

Dalibor Kušić
Project role(s):  Code generator design, GUI integration
Personal info:  24 years old, living in Zagreb
Skills & Interests: C++/C#, SQL, Java, distributed computing and computer vision
Hobbies:  Cycling, mountain biking, nature oriented sports  in general
Pesonal Page:
Email: dalibor.kusic@fer.hr

Zvonko Mihelić
Project role(s):
Squad leader, code generator testing
Personal info: 23 years old, studiying & working & existing in Zagreb
Skills & Interests: C#, SQL, XML, C++
Hobbies: basketball, tennis, sports in general

Pesonal Page:
Email: zvonko.mihelic@fer.hr

Lino Prka
Project role(s): Making Erik's life miserable.
Personal info: 22 years old, from Zagreb
Skills & Interests: C#, SQL, XML, C++
Hobbies: Tennis
Pesonal Page:
Email: lino.prka@fer.hr

Dean Šijaković
Project role(s):
Personal info:
Skills & Interests: C#, C++, SQL, XML
Hobbies: Football, Basketball, Table Tennis
Pesonal Page:
Email: dejan.sijakovic@fer.hr