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    dr. sc. Petar Franček

    Poslijedoktorand, Zavod za elektroakustiku


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    • Aerospace and electronic systems
      Sensor systems
    • Components, packaging, and manufacturing technology
      Electronic components Transducers Acoustic transducers Piezoelectric transducers
    • Computers and information processing
      Approximate computing Computer applications Application virtualization Edge computing Computer generated music High energy physics instrumentation computing Mathematics computing Matlab Medical information systems Electronic medical records  Military computing Mobile applications Physics computing Power engineering computing Power system analysis computing Telecommunication computing Computer architecture Data structures Memory architecture Memory management Multiprocessor interconnection Parallel architectures Multicore processing Reconfigurable architectures Computer interfaces Application programming interfaces WebRTC Input devices Interface phenomena Network interfaces Musical instrument digital interfaces Ports (Computers) System buses Computer networks Mobile ad hoc networks Vehicular ad hoc networks Domain Name System Ethernet Google Heterogeneous networks Internet Internet of Things Microcomputers Portable computers Workstations Parallel machines Supercomputers Wearable Computers Wearable computers Data systems Data centers Data compression Data conversion Analog-digital conversion Digital-analog conversion Data processing Internet Internet of Things Local area networks Wireless LAN Distributed computing Client-server systems Middleware Servers Distributed information systems Internet Internet of Things Peer-to-peer computing Wireless access points High performance computing Image processing Image analysis Object detection Image coding Image resolution High-resolution imaging Spatial resolution Image sampling Image segmentation Image segmentaton Thresholding (Imaging) Image sequences Image texture Memory management Random access memory Read only memory Registers Shift registers Mobile computing Wireless access points Multitasking Parametric study Parallel processing Multiprocessing systems Data flow computing Processor scheduling Systolic arrays Multithreading Parallel algorithms Pipeline processing Data mining Web mining Real-time systems WebRTC Software Application software Embedded software Middleware Message-oriented middleware Web services Open source software Software as a service Software debugging Software design Software engineering Programming environments Software architecture Client-server systems Microarchitecture Time sharing computer systems
    • Professional communication
      Collaboration Collaborative tools Call conference Collaborative software Videoconferences Databases Database systems Distributed databases Object oriented databases Relational databases
    • Signal processing
      Acoustic signal processing Active noise reduction Echo cancellers Speech processing Human voice Speech enhancement Speech synthesis Voice activity detection Adaptive signal processing Adaptive filters Adaptive signal detection Amplifiers Broadband amplifiers Differential amplifiers Distributed amplifiers Low-noise amplifiers Operational amplifiers Feedback amplifiers Power amplifiers High power amplifiers Predistortion Preamplifiers Pulse amplifiers Radiofrequency amplifiers Resonators Cavity resonators Array signal processing Attenuators Optical attenuators Chirp Convolution Convolvers Decorrelation Digital signal processing Delta modulation Delta-sigma modulation Sigma-delta modulation Digital signal processing chips Dispersion  Chromatic dispersion Optical fiber dispersion Distortion Acoustic distortion Four-wave mixing Jitter Timing jitter Nonlinear distortion Harmonic distortion Intermodulation distortion Phase distortion Error correction Forward error correction Fading channels Frequency-selective fading channels Rayleigh channels Weibull fading channels Filters Active filters Band-pass filters Anisotropic Bragg gratings Fiber gratings Channel bank filters Digital filters Finite impulse response filters Equalizers Adaptive equalizers Blind equalizers Decision feedback equalizers Filtering theory Image filtering Gabor filters Harmonic filters IIR filters Kalman filters Low pass filters Matched filters Microstrip filters Nonlinear filters Notch filters Particle filters Power filters Spurline Resonator filters Spatial filters Superconducting filters Transversal filters Frequency locked loops Geophysical signal processing Limiting Modulation Amplitude modulation Amplitude shift keying Quadrature amplitude modulation Chirp modulation Demodulation Digital modulation Constellation diagram Partial response signaling Frequency modulation Frequency shift keying Magnetic modulators Modulation coding Interleaved codes Optical modulation Electrooptic modulators Intensity modulation Phase modulation Continuous phase modulation Differential phase shift keying Phase shift keying Pulse modulation Pulse width modulation Pulse width modulation inverters Space vector pulse width modulation Multidimensional signal processing Video signal processing Motion artifacts Video coding Video compression Noise 1/f noise Additive noise Additive white noise AWGN Colored noise Gaussian noise AWGN Laser noise Laser feedback Low-frequency noise Noise cancellation Phase noise Signal to noise ratio PSNR Superconducting device noise White noise AWGN Optical signal processing Laser noise  Laser feedback Optical wavelength conversion Phase locked loops Pulse compression methods Optical pulse compression Pulse shaping methods Optical pulse shaping Quantization (signal) Vector quantization Radar signal processing Received signal strength indicator Recording Audio recording Digital recording Disk recording Magnetic recording Digital magnetic recording Heat-assisted magnetic recording Magnetic noise Magnetooptic recording Microwave-assisted magnetic recording Perpendicular magnetic recording Optical recording CD recording Video recording High definition video Videos Webcams RF signals Signal analysis Discrete-event systems Harmonic analysis Parameter estimation Amplitude estimation Direction-of-arrival estimation Frequency estimation Motion estimation Phase estimation Time of arrival estimation Signal mapping Spectral analysis Infrared spectra Judd-Ofelt theory Spectroradiometers Signal design Signal detection Acoustic signal detection Sonar detection Motion detection Multiuser detection Optical signal detection Phase detection Phase frequency detector Radar detection Signal generators Noise generators Pulse generation Optical pulse generation Signal integrity Signal reconstruction Signal denoising Signal resolution Diversity reception Signal restoration Signal sampling Signal synthesis Source separation Blind source separation Spectrogram Tracking loops
    • Ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control
      Ferroelectric materials Ferroelectric films Relaxor ferroelectrics Frequency control Automatic frequency control Tunable circuits and devices RLC circuits Tuned circuits Tuning Laser tuning Optical tuning Tuners Piezoelectricity Piezoelectric effect Piezoelectric polarization Pyroelectricity Ultrasonic imaging Ultrasonography Sonogram Ultrasonic transducers
    • Circuits and systems
      Analog circuits Analog integrated circuits Analog processing circuits Application specific integrated circuits System-on-chip Asynchronous circuits Digital circuits Digital signal processors Integrated circuits Analog integrated circuits Analog-digital integrated circuits Microprocessors Automatic logic units Microcontrollers Microprocessor chips Programmable circuits Field programmable analog arrays Programmable logic arrays Programmable logic devices Programmable logic arrays Programmable logic devices Pulse circuits Flip-flops Equalizers Low pass filters Information filtering
    • Communications technology
      Codecs Transceivers Transmitters Video codecs Video codecs Videos Communication system control Telecommunication control Computer networks Ad hoc networks Ethernet Heterogeneous networks Internet IP networks Virtual private networks Wireless access points Digital video broadcasting FDDI Internet Internet of Things Local area networks Wireless LAN Optical fiber networks Protocols Quality of experience Quality of service Radio communication ZigBee Telecommunication switching IP networks Teleconferencing Videophone systems
    • Instrumentation and measurement
      Admittance Capacitance-voltage characteristics Current-voltage characteristics Impedance Impedance matching Piezoresistance Ultrasonic variables measurement Remote monitoring Surveillance Infrared surveillance Video surveillance Wind tunnels Wind tunnels

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