How to reach us

The workshop venue is the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb, which is located south of the city center and cc. 10 min walk (south-west) from the Zagreb Main station. 

Address: Unska 3, 10000 Zagreb

Depending on your mode of arrival, in the following we provide detail instructions on how to reach us.


First of all: Airport -> City

Bus from the airport to the Zagreb Bus station leaves every 30 minutes starting from 7:00 until 20:00. The ticket costs 30,00 kuna (cc. 4,00 €). After 20:00, the bus leaves after arrivals of Croatia Airlines regular lines. The drive to the bus station takes cc. 30 minutes.

Taxi from the airport to the city is around 200,00 kuna (cc. 26,00 €).


How to reach the workshop venue:

By tram:

The Faculty is located next to the tram station called "Sveučilišna aleja" (University avenue). Trams number 3, 5, and 13 drive there in both directions. When you exit the tram, cross the street in the direction opposite to the Erste Bank tower, and you will enter the parking place of the Faculty. From there you will see the entrance.


By train:

Follow directions on the map.


By walk:

The Faculty is relatively close to the city center and from many hotels it is reachable in a 15-20 minutes walk.

See and follow a detailed map here.


How to reach Hotel International

Hotel address: Miramarska cesta 24, 10000 Zagreb

If you arrive directly from the airport, ask the driver to stop at station Lisinski (you will see big fountains on the left).

Cross the street and take a short walk (cc. 350 m) according to the map.