About project

Starting date:      1st September 2014

Finishing date:     30th August 2018


State-of-the-art and objectives

High voltage systems are used in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity. The operation of such complex systems as well as the application of high voltage is often accompanied with specific problems that need to be investigated in order to find an optimal solution. In addition to the basic studies of insulation coordination, selection and sizing of surge protection, the power quality and electromagnetic compatibility an important current topic today is increased penetration of renewable energy sources and application of power electronics in high voltage systems. The use of new numerical techniques and advanced measurement methods could enable further development of modern high-voltage systems.

The research project will be focused on the special issues important in the processes of planning, operation and post-mortem analysis of high voltage systems used in the power transmission and by electrical railways. The application of new ICT technologies for the development of the advanced high voltage systems is the common goal of the research project that will be conducted in the field of four main topics:

1. Utilization of lightning data in power system control and lightning protection,

2. Research of the impact of electrified railways on power quality in the transmission network,

3. New calculation methodology of electromagnetic influence of electric railway system to metal structures,

4. New models of components in studies of electromagnetic transients in high voltage system.