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Published: 2007-11-05 at 16:54

As a part of the efforts put in Kisek project outcomes in a field of Software Engineering in education, a collaboration between Kisek and another Tempus project in Croatia was established. This Tempus project is called Eqibelt (Education Quality Improvement by e-learning Technology), coordinated by the University of Zagreb, University Computing Centre.


On October 26th, 2007., an invited lecture was held on Eqibelt's 3rd Policy Workshop on Pedagogical Opportunities of E-Learning. Prof. Mario Žagar, Kisek coordinator and professor of Computing, was presenting a topic "Distributed Software Development Course - Student Experience", a project-oriented distributed course in Software Engineering.


Find out more about Eqibelt, Distributed Software Development Course and this event at Kisek Events page.

Ivana Bosnić
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