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Just before the start of ESEC/FSE 2007, the European Software Engineering Conference, in Dubrovnik, a beautiful city in the south of Croatia, the first meeting of the Kisek Project Consortium was held. Partners from universities in European Union and in Croatia met together with partners from industry and institutions in Croatia for the "project kick-off". This was a good opportunity to talk about the current state of Software Engineering in Croatia, Kisek project goals, and practical steps of collaboration to help create a better environment for Software Engineering projects in Croatia.



The role of universities in educating sofware engineering professionals and researching new methods and tools for industry practises is inevitable throughout the whole European Union. Unfortunately, there is a widely known impression in Croatia, that the industry is not using the whole potential of universities. Keeping this in mind, one of the Kisek project goals is to enhance the cooperation between universities, state institutions and industry partners.




During the meeting, the partners presented their organisations, universities and companies, with projects they are working on. These  presentations can be found on Kisek Resources page.



Two workshops with the following agenda took place during the meeting in Dubrovnik:



Workshop 1: „Current State and Development Perspectives of Software Engineering in Croatia“

  • Presentation of project goals, activities and expected results (project management)
  • University viewpoints on current state and perspectives of software engineering in Croatia
  • Industry viewpoints on current state and perspectives of software engineering in Croatia
  • Institution viewpoints on current state and perspectives of software engineering in Croatia
  • Presentation of EU experiences and plan proposal for achievement of the project goals
  • Networking of project partners with the aim of collaborative development of software engineering in Croatia
  • Election of workgroup for preparation of handbook “Roles and Tasks of Universities in Development of Software Engineering in Croatia”.

Workshop 2: „Positioning and founding of competence centres for software engineering on Croatian universities”

  • Role and importance of competence centres for software engineering in regional development of Croatia” (Ahmet Mehić)
  • Experiences – University of Paderborn (prof. dr. Wilhelm Schäfer)
  • Experiences – University of Mälardalen (prof. dr. Ivica Crnković)
  • Preliminary discussion on needs and opportunities for establishing software engineering competence centres in Croatia.

In the following days, the meetings continued at ESEC/FSE 2007 Conference, where Kisek Project was presented in one of the conference workshops.