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Centar karijera Vam je na raspolaganju za sva pitanja.

We are a social-impact startup with seed-funding, expanding our mission to create the best donation experience in the charitable world. Our clients are charitable organisations like Red Noses International and SOS Children's Village Croatia.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and asked yourself: “What’s the bigger picture of the projects I'm working on? What world do I want to leave behind?” Imagine there is a purpose-driven job out there which might have the answer to this.
You're a great (one might say legendary) app developer that wants to revolutionise how people donate all over the world by building groundbreaking products?


  • Deep passion about technology and their users
  • Past app development projects you want to show us and brag about

Your work

You will be working together with a product designer, product owner and a full-stack web developer on our flagship product: Felloz Customisable Donation Engine.

In your first week, expect to

  • Onboard into the Felloz Crew with help of the product team
  • Become acquainted with our mission, vision and, the product goals, and those you will work closely with our customers and understand why charities need our help
  • Get familiar with the software architecture under the guidance of our development team

In your first month, expect to

  • Start set up the basic architecture for our Version 2.0 of our application
  • Start the development from scratch using frameworks like React Native or NativeScript
  • Using agile development methodologies (SCRUM)

In your first three months, expect

  • Full responsibility for the app development process

In your first year, expect to

  • Build products from the ground up
  • Lead your engineering team


We are transparent about our salary.
Here is the minimum you may expect based on your previous experience:

  • KN 16.500 + (depending on previous experiences)
  • Substantial part of the shares as a part of the compensation package


  • Employee Stock Option Plan
  • Gym Membership
  • Apple Macbook
  • Testing Device
  • Remote days possible
  • Milestone based bonus
  • Commuter benefits
  • Optional volunteering opportunities at our clients

If you made it to this point, you might want to take the leap and apply.

Autor: Niklas Zechner
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