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    dr. sc. Jure Konjevod

    Viši asistent, Zavod za osnove elektrotehnike i električka mjerenja

    Journal articles and review articles in CC journals

    Stipe Gašparini, Petar Mostarac, Jure Konjevod, Roman Malarić.
    Evaluation of the relative phase comparison method at its limits used for absolute phase determination of an AC cage current shunt group// Sensors 23(20), 8510 (2023) ; (journal article (Q2)).


    Igor Štambuk, Jure Konjevod, Roman Malarić, Alan Šala.
    Extended Channel Characterization of the Low-cost Sampling Devices for The Application in High-precision Electric Power Measurement// Measurement Elsevier. 223 (2023) ; (journal article (Q1)).


    Igor Štambuk, Jure Konjevod, Roman Malarić.
    Design, Production and Analysis of Cylindrical, Coaxial and Alternating Current Shunts, using ANSYS// Acta Polytechnica Hungarica. 20(9) (2023) ; (journal article (Q3)).


    Konjevod, Jure; Malarić, Roman; Mostarac, Petar; Jurčević, Marko.
    The AC Amplitude and Channel Characterization of High-resolution Digitizers.// Measurement Elsevier. 195 (2022) ; (journal article (Q1)).


    Dadić, Martin; Mostarac, Petar; Malarić, Roman; Konjevod, Jure.
    Digital compensation of a resistive voltage divider for power measurement.// Electronics. 10(6), 696. (2021) ; (journal article (Q2)).

    Konjevod, Jure; Malarić, Roman; Jurčević, Marko; Mostarac, Petar; Dadić, Martin.
    Comparison of digitizers for high precision sampling power meters.// IEEE transactions on instrumentation and measurement. (2020) ; (journal article (Q1)).


    Konjevod, Jure; Malarić, Roman; Dadić, Martin; Mostarac, Petar; Hegeduš, Hrvoje.
    Measurement of DC properties and relative humidity (RH) dependence of wideband AC current shunts. // Measurement Elsevier131 (2019) ; (journal article (Q1)).


    Scientific papers in other journals

    Konjevod, Jure; Krajcar, Slavko; Ilak, Perica. The real-time coordination of a wind-hydro power generation. //Journal of Energy. 66 (2017); 04-18 (članak, ostalo).


    Konjevod, Jure; Malarić, Roman; Dadić, Martin; Kunšt, Ivica; Hegeduš, Hrvoje. AC-DC Characterization of Coaxial Current Shunts and Application of the Shunt in the Digital Sampling Wattmeter. //Journal of Energy. 67 (2018); 15-18 (članak, ostalo).



    Scientific conference papers with international peer-review

    Konjevod, Jure; Jurčević, Marko. Modular instrumentation for Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) Testing // 14th International Conference on Measurement (MEASUREMENT 2023), 2023.

    Štambuk, Igor; Konjevod, Jure; Malarić, Roman. Investigation of the low-cost sampling devices for the purpose of high-precision electric power measurement // Fourth International Conference on Smart Grid Metrology (SMAGRIMET 2023), 2023.

    Dorer, Adriano; Razum, Filip; Župan, Tomislav, Janić, Žarko; Konjevod, Jure. Smart Devices Applicable in Transformer Core Manufacturing // Fourth International Conference on Smart Grid Metrology (SMAGRIMET 2023), 2023.

    Šala, Alan; Konjevod, Jure; Mostarac, Petar; Gašparini, Stipe. Precision high power wide bandwidth AC/DC current shunt // Fourth International Conference on Smart Grid Metrology (SMAGRIMET 2023), 2023.

    Janić, Žarko; Gregurić, Petar; Konjevod, Jure; Župan, Tomislav. Evaluating Sensor Types For Various Control Points In Power Transformer Production // Conference proceedings, LEAN SPRING SUMMIT 2022 / Culmena, 2022.

    The AC Amplitude Measurement Characteristics of High-resolution Digitizers based on Calibration with Thermal Voltage Converter and Swerlein Algorithm // 2021 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC), 2021.

    Analysis and development of digital sampling wattmeter components for precise electric power measurement // SST 2018, International Conference on Smart Systems and Technologies (SST). 

    Switch based on relays with low operation and release time for AC-DC transfer difference measurements // SMAGRIMET 2018, First International Colloquium on Smart Grid Metrology 2018.

    AC-DC transfer difference measurement of AC shunts // SMAGRIMET 2018, First International Colloquium on Smart Grid Metrology 2018.

    Comparison of DMM characterization methods based on RMS noise and standard deviation noise // MEASUREMENT 2017, 11th International Conference on Measurement / Manka, Jan ; Tyšler, Milan ; Witkovsky, Viktor ; Frollo, Ivan (ur.).



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    • Engineering – general
      Electrical engineering
    • Instrumentation and measurement
      Current Current-voltage characteristics Resistance Voltage Instruments Measurement Electric variables measurement
    • Industry applications
      Electrical engineering industry

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