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    dr. sc. Jure Konjevod

    Poslijedoktorand, Zavod za osnove elektrotehnike i električka mjerenja

    Journal articles and review articles in CC journals

    1. Konjevod, Jure; Malarić, Roman; Mostarac, Petar; Jurčević, Marko.
    The AC Amplitude and Channel Characterization of High-resolution Digitizers.// Measurement Elsevier. 195 (2022) ; (journal article).


    2. Dadić, Martin; Mostarac, Petar; Malarić, Roman; Konjevod, Jure.
    Digital compensation of a resistive voltage divider for power measurement.// Electronics. 10(6), 696. (2021) ; (journal article).

    3. Konjevod, Jure; Malarić, Roman; Jurčević, Marko; Mostarac, Petar; Dadić, Martin.
    Comparison of digitizers for high precision sampling power meters.// IEEE transactions on instrumentation and measurement. (2020) ; (journal article).


    4. Konjevod, Jure; Malarić, Roman; Dadić, Martin; Mostarac, Petar; Hegeduš, Hrvoje.
    Measurement of DC properties and relative humidity (RH) dependence of wideband AC current shunts. // Measurement Elsevier131 (2019) ; (journal article).



    Scientific papers in other journals

    5. Konjevod, Jure; Krajcar, Slavko; Ilak, Perica. The real-time coordination of a wind-hydro power generation. //Journal of Energy. 66 (2017); 04-18 (članak, ostalo).


    6. Konjevod, Jure; Malarić, Roman; Dadić, Martin; Kunšt, Ivica; Hegeduš, Hrvoje. AC-DC Characterization of Coaxial Current Shunts and Application of the Shunt in the Digital Sampling Wattmeter. //Journal of Energy. 67 (2018); 15-18 (članak, ostalo).



    Scientific conference papers with international peer-review

    7. The AC Amplitude Measurement Characteristics of High-resolution Digitizers based on Calibration with Thermal Voltage Converter and Swerlein Algorithm // 2021 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC), 2021.

    8. Analysis and development of digital sampling wattmeter components for precise electric power measurement // SST 2018, International Conference on Smart Systems and Technologies (SST). 

    9. Switch based on relays with low operation and release time for AC-DC transfer difference measurements // SMAGRIMET 2018, First International Colloquium on Smart Grid Metrology 2018.

    10. AC-DC transfer difference measurement of AC shunts // SMAGRIMET 2018, First International Colloquium on Smart Grid Metrology 2018.

    11. Comparison of DMM characterization methods based on RMS noise and standard deviation noise // MEASUREMENT 2017, 11th International Conference on Measurement / Manka, Jan ; Tyšler, Milan ; Witkovsky, Viktor ; Frollo, Ivan (ur.).



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