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    izv. prof. dr. sc. Josipa Pina Milišić

    Izvanredni profesor, Zavod za primijenjenu matematiku


     ljetni semestar ak.god. 2022./2023., utorak 12:30 - 13:30


    1. J.P. Milišić, D. Žubrinić. Maximally singular solutions of Laplace equations.  ArXiv:1805.0258, accepted for publication in RMJ,
    2. E. S. Daus, J.P. Milišić, N. Zamponi. Nonisothermal Richards flow in porous media with cross diffusion.

    Objavljeni radovi

    1. E. S. Daus, J.P. Milišić, N. Zamponi. Global existence of a two-phase flow model with cross-diffusion, DCDS-B 25 (3) (2020), 957-979.
    2. E. S. Daus, J.P. Milišić, N. Zamponi. Analysis of a degenerate and singular volume-filling cross-diffusion system modeling biofilm growth,  SIAM J. Math. Anal., 51 (4) (2019), 3569–3605.
    3. J.P. Milišić. The unsaturated flow in porous media with dynamic capillary pressure, Journal of differential equations, 264 (2018), 5629-5658.
    4.  A. Juengel, J. P. Milišić. Entropy dissipative one-leg multistep time approximations of nonlinear diffusive equations, Numer. Meth. Part. Diff. Eqs. 31 (2015), 1119-1149.
    5. B. Amaziane, J. P. Milišić, M. Panfilov, L. Pankratov. Generalized nonequilibrium capillary relations for two-phase flow through heterogeneous media, Physical Review E 85 (2012), 18 pages.
    6. A. Juengel, J. P. Milišić. Full compressible Navier-Stokes equations for quantum fluids: derivation and numerical solution. Kinetic Related Models 4 (3), (2011).
    7. A. Juengel, J. P. Milišić. A simplified quantum energy-transport model for semiconductors. Nonlinear Analysis Series B: Real World Applications 12 (2011), 1033-1046.
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    9. B. Duering, D. Matthes, J. P. Milišić. A gradient flow scheme for nonlinear fourth order equations. DCDS-B 14  (2010), 935-959.
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    13.  A. Juengel, D. Matthes, J.P. Milišić.  Derivation of new quantum hydrodynamic equations using entropy minimization. SIAM J. Appl. Math. 67 (2006), 46-68.

    Zbornici radova

    1. A. Juengel, J. P. Milišić. Quantum Navier-Stokes equations. Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2010, Mathematics in Industry, Vol. 17, Guenther, M.; Bartel, A.; Brunk, M.; Schoeps, S.; Striebel, M. (Eds.), Januar 2012.


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    • Mathematics
      Partial differential equations Nonlinear systems Numerical analysis
    • Electron devices
      Semiconductor device modeling Resonant tunneling devices

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    • IEEE interesna skupina Women in Engineering Hrvatska

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    Izabrani projekti

    • 2020 - 2024 Research Associate.The CALIPER project: Linking research and innovation for gender equality, H2020 (National PI: A. Nakić)
    • 2020 -- 2024 Research Associate. Multiscale problems in fluid mechanics. HRZZ (PI: I. Pažanin)
    • 2018 -- 2020 Research Associate. Multi-species biofilm diffusion systems for wastewater treatment. MZOS and OEAD (bilateral project, PI: M.Bukal)
    • 2016 -- 2018 Project Leader. Mathematical and Numerical Analysis of Cross-Diffusion Models in Biology. MZOS and OEAD
    • 2014 -- 2018 Research Associate. Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulations of Processes in Thin or Porous Domains. HRZZ (PI: E. Marušić-Paloka)
    • 2010 -- 2011 Research Associate. Modelisation mathematique et simulation numerique de la migration de Gaz dans le systeeme d'un stockage souterrain de dechets radioactifs. MoMaS, France 
    • 2010 -- 2011 Project Leader. Kinetic wealth distribution models and diffusive limit equations. MZOS and OEAD (bilateral project)
    • 2008 -- 2009 Project Leader. Viscous approximations of quantum Euler-Poisson systems. MZOS and OEAD (bilateral project)
    • 2007 -- 2009 Research Associate. Nonlinear analysis of differential equations and dynamical systems. MZOS (PI: M. Pašić)
    • 2003 -- 2007 Research Associate. Mathematical analysis and  numerical approximations of macroscopic models for semiconductors and plasmas. German Exchange Service DAAD (PI: A. Juengel)
    • 2001 -- 2003 Research Associate. Nonlinear analysis of differential equations. MZOS (PI: M. Pašić)