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Pripužić, Krešimir; Podnar Žarko, Ivana; Aberer, Karl. Top-k/w publish/subscribe: A publish/subscribe model for continuous top-k processing over data streams, Information Systems (2012) [].

Sažetak: Continuous processing of top-k queries over data streams is a promising technique for alleviating the information overload problem as it distinguishes relevant from irrelevant data stream objects with respect to a given scoring function over time. Thus it enables filtering of irrelevant data objects and delivery of top-k objects relevant to user interests in real-time. We propose a solution for distributed continuous top-k processing based on the publish/subscribe communication paradigm---top-k publish/subscribe over sliding windows (top-k/w publish/subscribe). It identifies k best-ranked objects with respect to a given scoring function over a sliding window of size w, and extends the publish/subscribe communication paradigm by continuous top-k processing algorithms coming from the field of data stream processing.

In this paper, we introduce, analyze and evaluate the essential building blocks of distributed top-k/w publish/subscribe systems: First, we present a formal top-k/w publish/subscribe model and compare it to the prevailing Boolean publish/subscribe model. Next, we outline the top-k/w processing tasks performed by publish/subscribe nodes and investigate the properties of supported scoring functions. Furthermore, we explore potential routing strategies for distributed top-k/w publish/subscribe systems. Finally, we experimentally evaluate model properties and provide a comparative study investigating traffic requirements of potential routing strategies.

Pripužić, Krešimir; Podnar Žarko, Ivana; Aberer, Karl. Distributed Processing of Continuous Sliding- Window k-NN Queries for Data Stream Filtering. World wide web-internet and web information systems 14 (5-6); pp. 465-494, 2011, (Special Issue on Querying the Data Web) 


Sažetak: A sliding-window k-NN query (k-NN/w query) continuously monitors incoming data stream objects within a sliding window to identify k closest objects to a query. It enables effective filtering of data objects streaming in at high rates from potentially distributed sources, and offers means to control the rate of object insertions into result streams. Therefore k-NN/w processing systemsmay be regarded as one of the prospective solutions for the information overload problem in applications that require processing of structured data in real-time, such as the Sensor Web. Existing k-NN/w processing systems are mainly centralized and cannot cope with multiple data streams, where data sources are scattered over the Internet. In this paper, we propose a solution for distributed continuous k-NN/w processing of structured data from distributed streams. We define a k-NN/w processing model for such setting, and design a distributed k-NN/w processing system on top of the Content-Addressable Network (CAN) overlay. An extensive evaluation using both real and synthetic data sets demonstrates the feasibility of the proposed solution because it balances the load among the peers, while the messaging overhead within the P2P network remains reasonable. Moreover, our results clearly show the solution is scalable for an increasing number of queries and peers.