Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Duration of study program: 2 years
ECTS points: 120
Qualification awarded: Master of Science in Electrical engineering and information technology



Admission to the Master of Science programs at FER is open to persons holding the bachelor degree in electrical engineering and information technology, in computing and in electrical engineering or other related bachelor degree. To follow this program, first cycle study programs at other faculties or universities, in technical and natural sciences or similar fields, are completely or partially sufficient..

Short description:

Electrical engineering covers the application of physical laws about electromagnetic phenomena in development of products and services that provide a benefit to the mankind. Information technology, which uses computers, computer networks, communication systems and technology to sense, process, store and display the information, today has a significant impact on electrical engineering.  Nowadays, it is almost impossible to come across an activity within electrical engineering that is not interconnected with information technology. Thus, these areas have been joined into the second cycle study program of Electrical engineering and information technology. This program enables a student to acquire the competencies to solve difficult engineering problems, to design complex systems, to act as a leader of a team and to conduct research and development in one of five profiles.

Within the study program, a student immediately decides for a profile. The profile determines the list of theoretical and specialization courses to choose from: