prof. dr. sc. Stjepan Bogdan

Full professor, Department of Control and Computer Engineering

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  • Control systems
    Automatic control Centralized control Closed loop systems Control design Control engineering Control equipment Actuators Dielectric elastomer actuators Electrostatic actuators Hydraulic actuators Intelligent actuators Microactuators Piezoelectric actuators Pneumatic actuators Fasteners Microcontrollers Regulators Servosystems Servomotors Switches Contactors Microswitches Optical switches Switchgear Circuit breakers Interrupters Relays Telecontrol equipment Thermostats Control system synthesis Controllability Cruise control Digital control Programmable control Flow graphs Feedback Feedback circuits Output feedback Negative feedback Neurofeedback Feedback linearization Homeostasis Linear feedback control systems Frequency locked loops Phase locked loops State feedback Tracking loops Mechanical variables control Displacement control Force control Level control Gyroscopes Motion control Collision avoidance Collision mitigation Kinetic theory Motion planning  Path planning Visual servoing Pitch control (position) Position control Nanopositioning Shape control Size control Strain control Stress control Thickness control Torque control Velocity control Angular velocity control Vibration control Weight control Motion compensation Networked control systems Nonlinear control systems Open loop systems Optimal control Bang-bang control Infinite horizon PD control PI control Pneumatic systems Pressure control Proportional control Robot control Robot motion SCADA systems Sliding mode control Supervisory control SCADA systems Queueing analysis Vehicle routingDielectrics and electrical insulation
  • Industrial electronics
    Robotic assembly Computer aided manufacturing Integrated manufacturing systems Manufacturing automation
  • Robotics and automation
    Automation Manufacturing automation Flexible manufacturing systems Workflow management software Storage automation Vehicular automation Autonomous systems Autonomous robots Autonomous vehicles Unmanned autonomous vehicles Multi-robot systems Robots Aquatic robots Automata Turing machines Autonomous robots Cognitive robotics Educational robots Evolutionary robotics Humanoid robots Intelligent robots Medical robotics Mobile robots Autonomous automobiles Rescue robots Robot control Robot motion Robot kinematics Robot learning Robot programming Robot sensing systems Robot vision systems Service robots Soft robotics Telerobotics
  • Systems, man, and cybernetics
    Animal behavior Biological control systems Multi-agent systems Decision theory Emergent phenomena Linear feedback control systems State feedback Human-robot interaction
  • Industry applications
    Robotic assembly Manufacturing systems
  • Sensors
    Robot sensing systems Robot vision systems

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