Advanced Shape Reconstruction and Registration Laboratory (SHARK Lab) was established in 2016. as a research laboratory at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. SHARK Lab gathers researchers from Department of Electronics, Microelectronics, Computer and Intelligent Systems and Department of Electronic Systems and Information Processing whose research interests include:

  • 3D imaging and 3D reconstruction, specifically structured lighth profilometry and stereo vision;
  • 3D registration of point clouds specifically including the use of sensors from mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets for this purpose;
  • procedures for calibration of multi-camera multi-projector 3D imaging systems, particularly systems intended for biomedical applications and for imaging for 3D printing; and
  • structure from motion (SfM) and visual simultaneous localization and mapping (vSLAM).

SHARK Lab is a member of the Center of Excellence for Computer Vision and of the Center for Artificial Intelligence.