dr. sc. Petar Franček

Post doc, Department of Electroacoustics

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  • Computers and information processing
    Computer applications Application virtualization Matlab Medical information systems Electronic medical records  Mobile applications Computer architecture Computer networks Ethernet Heterogeneous networks Internet of Things Web services Microcomputers Supercomputers Data systems Analog-digital conversion Digital-analog conversion Data processing Client-server systems High performance computing Image processing Multithreading Data mining Web mining Real-time systems WebRTC Application software Embedded software Web services Open source software Software engineering
  • Signal processing
    Acoustic signal processing Amplifiers Attenuators Digital signal processing Filters Modulation Noise Phase locked loops Quantization (signal) Recording RF signals Signal analysis Spectral analysis Signal detection Signal generators Signal sampling Spectrogram
  • Ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control
    Ferroelectric materials Frequency control RLC circuits Piezoelectricity Piezoelectric effect Piezoelectric polarization Ultrasonic transducers
  • Circuits and systems
    Analog circuits Application specific integrated circuits System-on-chip Digital circuits Digital signal processors Integrated circuits Microprocessors Microcontrollers Programmable circuits
  • Communications technology
    Codecs Video codecs Computer networks Internet of Things Local area networks Optical fiber communication Quality of experience Quality of service Radio communication IP networks
  • Instrumentation and measurement
    Admittance Impedance matching Piezoresistance Ultrasonic variables measurement Surveillance
  • Components, packaging, and manufacturing technology
    Acoustic transducers Piezoelectric transducers

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