The Department of Energy and Power...

At the end of June 2024, the Department Department of Energy and Power Systems celebrated the 90th anniversary of its establishment, marking nine decades of outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of electric power.

At the marking ceremony, Dean Vedran Bilas emphasized the importance of the Department as one of the most vivid departments at FER, known for top scientific achievements and cooperation with industry. "Their knowledge, expertise and graduates are needed by the Croatian industry, which adequately recognized this by equipping the laboratory at the Department of Energy and Power Systems. The Department has significantly transformed itself and embraced new technologies in order to be competitive and expand the range of services it provides on the European scientific and commercial scene", Dean Bilas pointed out.

Today, the Department is the backbone of the energy transition in Croatia, educating engineers who occupy leading positions in the industry, cooperating with numerous companies and achieving notable scientific results. Their immeasurable contribution includes the construction of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant, and in recent decades they have also played an important role in the development of renewable energy sources and continue their activities in this direction.

Founded in 1934 as the Institute for High Voltage, at the then Technical Faculty, the Department has produced many prominent people throughout its rich history, including academician prof. Hrvoja Požar, Olympic winner prof. Zdravko Hebel, one of the founders of basketball in Croatia, prof. Božidar Stefanini and MEP prof. Davor Škrlec.

Author: Petra Škaberna
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