Anja Hula from Infobip: FER opened...

Anja Hula, a member of the FER Alumni Board, shared with the readers of the weekly "Nacional" the story of her journey from intern to the Director of Engineering at Croatian first unicorn company - Infobip and talked about how FER helped her in the career development.

"FER opened doors for me and was a springboard in my career", Hula pointed out, explaining that she accepted the invitation of Dean Vedran Bilas to the Alumni Board precisely because she wants to give back to FER what she got from it during the studies, and because she thinks it is essential to help young talents at this early stage. "We must recognize their potential while they are still young and invest in it. The initiative I am participating in, at the Alumni Board, is a mentoring group where FER students can contact a mentor who will facilitate their path to further development. This is extremely important for young people."

The goal, Hula also believes, should be to attract foreign students to Croatia and retain our own, because this is how a quality staff is built and maintained. The same applies to young scientists. "This is an exciting time for Croatia, and that is why the FER Alumni Board was founded. I think we will start the right thing and enable students to stay in Croatia to live and work", said Hula, who believes that the State should invest more in that goal, but also needs to promote STEM more.

"Croatia must become a modern and open society that will attract talents from all over the world. To achieve this, the State must recognize the ICT industry as a strategic branch of the economy," concludes Hula.

Read the entire interview with Anja Hula in the Nacional article.

Author: Petra Škaberna
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