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Today is Europe Day and it is a particularly important day for us. On July 1, 2023, Croatia will celebrate 10 years of membership in the European Union, and with the introduction of the euro as a national value and the entry into Schengen at the beginning of the year, Croatia is fully integrated into the European space.

In that period, FER also greatly contributed to EU goals - by educating highly educated STEM experts and by participating in numerous scientific and research projects. That's why today, on the day of Europe Day, we decided on some of the areas where FER represents Croatia in the EU.

International study programs and exchange programs

Our students have been participating in Erasmus mobility programs for years, and two years ago we launched study programs in English to open the doors of our Faculty and international students. Studying and working in an international environment and getting to know different cultures are valuable elements of lifelong learning, and that is why we are proud that an increasing number of students are included in our international and exchange programs.

FER participates in numerous EU projects in the field of research and innovation

In addition to higher education, FER is strongly integrated into the EU research area. For years, FER has enjoyed the status of the most desirable partner in applied research and innovation development in the Republic of Croatia. According to numerous metrics, we rank first among domestic research institutions, and our quality is recognized even outside the borders of the country. 74 international projects are currently being implemented at FER, which makes up a high 36% of the total number of active projects at the Faculty. Of these, as many as 12 projects were financed from the H2020 program and 9 projects from the Horizont program. The aforementioned research projects are important because they lead to important breakthroughs in technological innovations, as well as their application in various fields and industries - from precise robotics to artificial intelligence. This directly contributes to the industry and the EU in better positioning in the global economy. Each of our projects opens up space for learning and is therefore important for empowering a new generation of young researchers.

A platform for top engineers as well as entrepreneurs

Finally, but no less important, it is important to emphasize that in addition to the higher education, scientific and research area, FER also contributes significantly to the labour market. Not only for top STEM experts, who lack work on the market but also through the strong global presence of Croatian companies founded by some of our former students. From telecommunications to the digital industry, innovations in the field of UI and drones to "unicorns", these leading companies in their industries are a great example of the strength and future of Croatia in the EU, but also the great pride of our Faculty.

FER, as a leading higher education, scientific and research institution, contributes with its activities to the EU's global position and the challenges the EU faces, and integration into the higher education and research area of the European Union is one of FER's main missions. The EU declared 2023 the European Year of Skills, and a special focus was placed on lifelong education, strengthening the green and digital transition with strong support for innovation and competitiveness. We continue to actively contribute to exactly these EU goals.

Author: Petra Škaberna
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