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The METRICS RAMI Cascade Evaluation Campaign for Marine Robots is a competition open to everyone all around the world and is led by NATO STO CMRE (Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation, La Spezia, Italy), one of the reference research centres in Europe devoted to marine robotics technologies. This competition will take place fully virtually using data generated during previous RAMI campaigns.

Description of the Cascade Evaluation Campaign for Marine Robots   

METRICS RAMI Cascade Evaluation Campaign for Marine Robots will focus on the classification, identification and localization of Object of Potential Interest (OPIs) in underwater images. A training dataset containing OPI images will be proposed to teams to support the development of classification, identification and OPI localization software. The developed software will then be applied by the Organizing Committee (OC) to a test set of OPI images to produce the scoring for each team and the consequent ranking.

To learn more about the competition, please check: Additional information is also available in the detailed news content. Deadline is October 7.

This call is open to all students (Bachelor, Master and PhD) and you don’t necessarily need experience in marine robotics or computer vision but some experience with software development is advisable. The IEEE OES Student Branch Chapter is looking for team members to compete in this exciting challenge!

Please send an email to by October 7 informing us of your interest and include a brief description of your background/experience (1 page max).

You will be contacted soon after to form a team and start working together. 

Author: Fausto Miguel Pascoal Ferreira
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