Croatia has a good energy heritage

Assoc. Prof. Tomislav Capuder, PhD, participated in a panel discussion entitled "European Circuit" held on 3 May 2022 as part of the conference "Green Plan in the Croatian Economy - Energy: RESISTANCE IN CRISIS".

Topics of discussion were electricity generation, Croatia's energy self-sufficiency, electricity prices and stability, the European Green Plan, and smart grids.

Professor Capuder pointed out that Croatia has had a good energy heritage in terms of installed capacity of hydropower potential for about 50 years. He added that wind energy has gone through a good development curve and still has room for growth, but he believes that we are not using the potential of solar energy enough. Regarding the infrastructure for RES, he stressed that new technologies bring new requirements, especially considering that new advanced grids have to be built.

Read more about the conference in the article published in Poslovni dnevnik, and a video of the panel can be found here.

Author: Petra Škaberna
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