Job Fair celebrated its 15th birthday...

On Wednesday and Thursday, May 11 and 12, the 15th Job Fair took place. Martinovka Sports Hall switched its primary role those two days and became a meeting spot for 134 companies from 15 different industries and over 5 thousand STEM students.

A rich program at Martinovka

The whole-day program included 129 booths which students could visit and a big part of them had their own additional activities in which students could participate, such as trying out modern technologies such as VR headsets, competing in riddles or trying out their luck in different games and win interesting gifts. A special program took place on the stage at the same time. Company representatives talked about their experience in 24 talks divided into 3 categories: Career Switch, What the Tech?! and Recycled Technology. The first day was completed as a whole with a midday panel discussion about "How does artificial intelligence impact our society?" in which representatives from the economy and academic community found out how artificial intelligence came to be, how they use it, what the benefits are and what we can expect from the future. The second day got spicy with an interview better known as Hot talk in which Luka Drezga, COO at Ars Futura participated by answering questions about the work and home parts of life, all while trying out hot sauces. His victory is proudly marked with the highest score.

Part of the fair at FER

Activities continued over at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing where 16 workshops with over 300 student participants took place. This gave company representatives and students an opportunity to together try to solve practical problems and learn from experienced individuals from the industry.

Good fun at KSET

At the end of the first day, company representatives and students had fun at the Loosen up party at the Club of Students of Electrical Engineering (KSET). The night’s socializing included competing in teams at different games which required knowledge of foreign languages, films and music, but also physical fitness. This allowed students to meet their future colleagues in a more casual environment, sipping on 14 different types of cocktails and 9 different kinds of deer, for free.


The event was reported on by 20 media houses and supported by 4 friends of the Fair. Preparations took half a year, over 20 organisation board meetings took place, and over 20 0000 messages were sent on Slack. Croatian president Mr Zoran Milanović visited the Fair, advisor for the President for education, Mrs Jadranka Žarković, special advisor for the President for the climate and energy, Mr Julije Domac, the director of the Administration for science and technology in the Ministry of science and education, Mr Hrvoje Meštrić, deputy mayor of the City of Zagreb, Mr Luka Korlaet and the Fair’s host, dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Mr Gordan Gledec.

Applications are still open!

From this year on, students can register at the official web page all year round, they can submit their CV for this year’s Job Fair until May 22 EOD so companies participating could have the CV base available.

For more information follow the web site, Facebook page, Instagram profile and the YouTube channel of Job Fair. Job Fair is organized by FER, FER Career Center FER Students Association (SS FER) i Club of Students of Electrical Engineering (KSET).

Author: Petra Škaberna
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