Graduation Ceremonies for Masters and...

The graduation ceremonies for the Masters and Bachelors in Engineering of the 2020 generation took place on 18 and 19 September 2021 at the Student Centre in Zagreb.

FER's Generation 2020 consists of more than 1,000 young professionals in the fields of electrical engineering, information and communication technologies, and computing, namely 481 Masters in Engineering, 558 Bachelors in Engineering, and 30 University Specialists.

In addition to the graduates, numerous family members, friends and colleagues attended the ceremony and listened to an encouraging speech by the Dean of FER, Professor Gordan Gledec, Ph.D., at the beginning of the promotion.

Industry representatives and distinguished FER alumni, the director of the Tehnozavod-Marušić d.o.o. company, Krešimir Marušić, and the director and founder of the Entrio tehnologije d.o.o. company, Berislav Marszalek, addressed our Masters of Engineering with inspiring words.

During the promotions, the student representatives also addressed their colleagues: Valentina Fatorić, Mate Paulinović, Fran Milković, and Ivan Gredičak spoke to Masters in Engineering and Tin Župančić, Karlo Valentin Cihlar, Rino Čala, and Patrik Okanović to Bachelors in Engineering.

You can watch a video of the ceremony on our YouTube channel (BAs, Masters), and photos are available here.

Author: Petra Škaberna
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