A fast charging station for electric...

In March 2021, the first fast charging station for electric vehicles was put into operation at FER. The charging station was procured by Croatian Science Foundation Program as part of the scientific research project "FLEXIBASE - Flexibility of High Conversion Microgrids".

"The charging station is part of the microgrid of FER's SmartGrid Lab, which consists of distributed flexibility sources based on converters. It will test control algorithms developed to optimize the operation of the microgrid and maintain its stability during the transition to islanding, i.e. disconnection from the electricity distribution networks", explained FLEXIBASE project leader, Assoc. Prof. Hrvoje Pandžić, PhD.

Numerous researchers from the Department of Energy and Power Systems, as well as members of the project team, were involved in connecting the e-charging station to the SmartGrid Lab's control system.

The use of the e-station is free of charge for the employees of FER. More information about the FLEXIBASE project can be found at the bottom of the release.

The integration of fast charging stations for electric vehicles, battery storage, photovoltaic systems and DC loads increases the share of microgrids with a high share of AC / DC converters. The FLEXIBASE project focuses on management and protection algorithms in such microgrids and their interaction with the distribution system and market participants in order to monetize the flexibility and manageability that microgrids with a high share of inverters possess. The contribution of this project lies in the development of the individual models and their integration and verification through computer simulations and laboratory tests. Although the scientific and technical community is making significant efforts in microgrid research, there is no previous or ongoing project that combines management and protection schemes with optimization algorithms for microgrids, whose main outputs are bids to buy/sell power and provide energy flexibility. In addition, this project also solves the problem of microgrid resilience to external failures in determining its optimal drive. One of the contributions of the project is to raise awareness of environmental issues and the importance of meeting future needs and challenges expected in energy systems.

The leader of the FLEXIBASE project is Assoc. Prof. Hrvoje Pandžić, PhD, from the Department of Energy and Power Systems. The project started in October 2019 and will run until May 2023.

Author: Petra Škaberna
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