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With the development of three new international university graduate study programmes in electrical engineering and computer science, FER opens itself to the whole world without hesitation and sends a clear message that Croatia is ready to create a new generation of young intellectuals, regardless of where they come from. FER is ready to transfer its expertise, offer its strong and modern infrastructure and prepare them for top achievements on a global level.

"University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing proudly holds the title of institution of excellence - promoting excellence in teaching, excellence in scientific research and excellence in encouraging technological progress. Every year, FER enrols 650 best graduates from all over Croatia and they motivate us to be even better and more efficient, using the opportunities provided by new technologies. We are happy that, starting with the next academic year, FER will be able to offer three new, modern and attractive study programmes in English, which are in line with the best world models, but also with the needs of the labour market in Croatia, Europe and the world ", pointed out the Dean of FER, professor Gordan Gledec, PhD.

With the aim of raising the global competitiveness of the Croatian economy and systematically strengthening the internationalization of (higher) education, our task is to ensure the synergy of all educational institutions, as well as creators of public policies and procedures and thus attract young talent from around the world.

FER-IN project manager, professor Marko Delimar, PhD, therefore emphasizes: "Croatia is stable and secure, with a mild climate, a clean and pleasant country full of natural beauty. Croatia already lacks people for innovative and well-paid jobs in the STEM field, especially in the computer, electrical and ICT sectors. In addition to offering quality study programmes, the academic community in partnership with relevant ministries should provide mechanisms for effective attraction of top foreign students. We must address the issue of foreign students and their student life in Croatia in an appropriate and simple way. We must not miss the opportunity to become a sought-after destination for students from all over the world", and concludes: "When they decide to study in Croatia, we should enable good students to easily get all the necessary information. Among other things, these students should be able to apply for visas to study in Croatia in all consular offices of all EU member states and partner countries anywhere in the world."

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The FER-IN project responded to the interests of the wider international community of undergraduate students who want to pursue their graduate studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and enabled the development of three international university graduate study programmes in technical sciences entitled: "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology", "Information and Communication Technology" and "Computing". Electrical engineering and computing are the most propulsive sectors in terms of revenues and employment opportunities, and according to the relevant projections, the need for new employees in these sectors will continue to grow in all projection periods. FER's international study programmes will start in October 2021.

The duration of the FER-IN project, which started in October 2018, is two years. The project is a part of the Internationalisation of Higher Education call for projects, which is part of the Operational Programme Effective Human Resources 2014 - 2020. The project partner is Schneider Electric, a company that offers creative and innovative jobs in more than 100 countries around the world.

Author: Petra Škaberna
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