Best high school graduates enrol at FER

As expected, FER has once again filled the enrolment quota during this year’s summer enrolment period, meaning there will be 653 freshmen walking down the Faculty hallways in the academic year 2020/2021.

The interest in the undergraduate studies "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology" and "Computing" is really impressive, which can be seen from the fact that this year almost 1,100 high school graduates marked FER as the first choice.

Out of one thousand most successful high school students in the State Matura Mathematics exam, more than 420 of them chose FER as their first choice of faculties, while equally impressive results also apply to Physics. As many as 439 high school graduates with the best results in this subject approached the online enrolment at FER. Luka Hobor is one of only four high school graduates in Croatia who solved this year’s higher level in Mathematics and Physics State Matura exams with 100% accuracy, and thanks to the excellent success from the XV. Gymnasium, he had a maximum of 1000 points for enrolment at FER.

"I enrolled at FER because I am primarily interested in physics and informatics. I was choosing between PMF and FER, but I decided in favour of FER because I am more interested in practical application than theory. I think that I will develop the necessary skills and knowledge at FER, both for working in the technology industry and for accomplishing new achievements in this field. I believe that this Faculty will provide me with many opportunities and quality mentoring and that I will use it to further develop my potential", said Luka Hobor.

Freshmen come to FER from all parts of Croatia, but still the largest number come from Zagreb high schools - XV. Gymnasium, V. Gymnasium, III. Gymnasium, Lucijan Vranjanin Gymnasium, Ruđer Bošković Technical School and X. Ivan Supek Gymnasium. It is interesting to note that we continue the positive trend of enrolling girls at FER, since they make up almost 27% of enrolled students in this generation. We are especially pleased with this information because we are making great efforts to make the STEM area equally attractive for both genders.

Therefore, our dear freshmen, we wish you a happy start to your studies at FER, with the hope that in the next few years we will meet all your expectations and be the best possible incentive for further development and scientific growth!

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This year, FER launched online enrolment in undergraduate studies, which significantly shortened and accelerated the entire process, while it was also appropriate for the conditions related to the coronavirus pandemic. We would like to point out that the online enrolment in graduate study programmes at FER was launched more than ten years ago, so that over 6,000 students have enrolled in our graduate study programmes so far. The enrolment for senior years of undergraduate and graduate studies was also carried out in the same way.

The autumn will also start with a new undergraduate study "Computing" in English, which is implemented in collaboration with the private Algebra University College. With this, FER begins a new era of internationalisation, with a tendency to position Croatia on the global map of higher education.

Next academic year, we will also continue with the implementation of the undergraduate university study "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources", which is located in Šibenik, and where classes are taught by the best professors from FER and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture.

Author: Petra Škaberna
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