FER Students in the Finals of the EU...

Project "Fair (FER) solutions for better community" has reached the finals of the most successful projects within EU Sustainable Energy Week. The most successful projects for clean, safe and efficient energy have been selected, and FER's project, in which our students participated, is among the finalists in the "Youth" category.

About a dozen FER students were introduced to the problem of energy poverty, after which they performed simple energy audits in more than 100 energy-poor households in Zagreb, helping them to identify problems and then apply simple efficiency measures in their homes.

Based on the results of the fieldwork, the students developed a model for estimating the energy needs of households. In addition, the obtained results are being used for development of policy proposals for combating energy poverty in the City of Zagreb and the development of models for the analysis of energy consumption and costs at the household level.

Author: Petra Škaberna
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