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As part of the commemoration of Europe Day, the President of the Republic of Croatia Zoran Milanović visited Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing on 9 May 2020, where he was hosted by the Dean, professor Gordan Gledec, Ph.D., together with Vice Deans Nikola Mišković, Ph.D., Mario Vražić, Ph.D. and Mihaela Vranić, Ph.D. The President was accompanied by his special advisor for energy and climate, Julije Domac, Ph.D.

After visiting the Laboratory for Renewable Energy Systems (LARES) and meeting our robots from the Laboratory for Autonomous Systems and Mobile Robotics (LAMOR), the programme continued with a conversation with European scientists from renowned European universities, in particular the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) from Sweden, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) from Germany and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

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Prominent European scientists, professor Danica Kragić (KTH), professor Bjorn Hein (KIT) and professor Asgeir Sorensen (NTNU), exchanged valuable experiences and interesting views on the topic of scientific excellence, robotics and artificial intelligence with their FER hosts and special guests.

During his visit to FER, the President stated "Today is Europe Day, and in some countries also Victory Day, and Europe is exactly what stands behind this and what permeates this kind of cooperation. These are the good things and good characteristics of Europe. It is also mainly what the European Union and Europe in general bring us as an idea of cooperation, common life, and open borders. All of this has been little shaken in recent weeks, but it will come back. I may be wrong, but I think that after this, the world and Europe will become even more open, because there is no going back, the same as with science. We talked about the artificial intelligence, which is something that most of us understand at a basic level, but it is around us and we will have to make rules of conduct and protect privacy because science is relentless and we have to adapt to it. Every age brings with it its own changes and that is something that needs to be recognised".

"FER is the leading higher education and scientific institution in Croatia in terms of the number of approved projects, both domestic and international. We are currently implementing more than 200 projects, drawing EUR 8.5 million just from the Horizon 2020 programme framework, which makes up almost 10 percent of the total amount at the level of the entire Croatia. The money obtained from projects is invested in science and research, but also in teaching, which benefits significantly from all project activities at FER", said the FER Dean Gordan Gledec.

Author: Marko Tucaković
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