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A workshop presenting the results of the pre-study regarding the possibility of creating a science park in Croatia, conducted in cooperation by Saab AB Group, Lindholmen Science Park from Sweden, Ericsson Nikola Tesla and FER was held on Thursday, 13 December 2018, in Grey Hall at FER. The study was presented to the representatives from the Ministry of Science and Education, the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, the City of Zagreb, the Croatian Employers' Association, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the industry, the academic community and the support institutions from Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka and Split.

The pre-study proposes the creation of a science park in Croatia based on the so-called triple helix model, using the Lindholmen Science Park as a role model. The triple helix model is a collaboration model based on the synergy of government, industry, and academia working together. The results of the pre-study indicate that a Croatian science park based on triple helix collaboration could lead to a number of positive effects for Croatian society, encouraging the development of a successful innovation-conducive ecosystem.

The study was presented by the authors:

  • Mr. Bo Norrhem, Lindholmen Science Park, group leader
  • Mrs. Maria Fuxborg, Lindholmen Science Park
  • Mr. Johan Belfrage, Saab AB
  • Darko Huljenić, Ph.D., Ericsson Nikola Tesla
  • Professor Ivan Petrović, Ph.D., FER
Author: Alan Vukić
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