prof. dr. sc. Mislav Grgić

Full professor, Department of Communication and Space Technologies

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Postgraduate doctoral study programme


  • Communications technology
    Video codecs TV equipment Video codecs Video equipment Video codecs Videos Multimedia communication Image communication TV
  • Computers and information processing
    Image processing Image analysis Face recognition
  • Consumer electronics
    Multimedia systems
  • Professional communication
    Videoconferences Image databases Multimedia databases Image databases Image retrieval  Multimedia databases Content-based retrieval Search engines Search methods Information science Image databases Multimedia databases Writing
  • Engineering in medicine and biology
    Mammography Computer aided diagnosis
  • Imaging
    Mammography Image forensics
  • Mathematics
    Compression algorithms Wavelet transforms
  • Signal processing
    Video signal processing Video coding Video compression Video recording High definition video Videos
  • Systems, man, and cybernetics
    Face recognition Face recognition
  • Instrumentation and measurement
    Video surveillance

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