Marko Kovačević, mag. ing.

Assistant, Department of Control and Computer Engineering

Predictive control based assessment of building demand flexibility in fixed time windows

Vašak, Mario ; Banjac, Anita ; Hure, Nikola ; Novak, Hrvoje ; Kovačević, Marko
Applied energy

Optimal day-ahead operation scheduling of a one-pipe heating system

Vašak, Mario ; Hure, Nikola ; Kovačević, Marko ; Banjac, Anita
8th International Conference on Control, Decision and Information Technologies

Worst-Case Optimal Scheduling and Real-Time Control of a Microgrid Offering Active Power Reserve

Brkić, Branimir ; Kovačević, Marko ; Vašak, Mario
Engineering power : bulletin of the Croatian Academy of Engineering

Modular Hierarchical Model Predictive Control for Coordinated and Holistic Energy Management of Buildings – Battery Storage Considerations

Banjac, Anita ; Hure, Nikola ; Kovačević, Marko ; Novak, Hrvoje ; Vašak, Mario ; Perić, Nedjeljko
Engineering power : bulletin of the Croatian Academy of Engineering

Worst-case optimal scheduling and real-time control of a microgrid offering active power reserve

Kovačević, Marko ; Brkić, Branimir ; Vašak, Mario
2021 23rd International Conference on Process Control (PC)

Price-optimal Electrical and Thermal Energy Flow Control within Microgrid – Smart Grid Interaction

Kovačević, Marko ; Marušić, Danko ; Vašak, Mario
2020 IEEE 11th International Symposium on Power Electronics for Distributed Generation Systems (PEDG)

Awareness of humanoid robot Pepper about people on stage in play R.U.R.

Kovačević, Marko

Temper mill revamping

Kovačević, Marko


University undergraduate


  • Robotics and automation
    Building automation
  • Industrial electronics
    Predictive control
  • Power engineering and energy
    Microgrids Smart grids Charging stations

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