prof. dr. sc. Mario Krnić

Full professor, Department of Applied Mathematics

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  • Mathematics
    Algebra Abstract algebra Linear algebra Matrices Vectors Set theory Combinatorial mathematics Graph theory Bipartite graph Shortest path problem Tree graphs Conformal mapping Convergence Convex functions Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions Equations Difference equations Polynomials Euclidean distance Hilbert space Fourier series Functional analysis Graph theory Bipartite graph Optimal matching Harmonic analysis  Kernel Null space System kernels Mathematical model Mathematical analysis Formal concept analysis Fractional calculus Piecewise linear techniques Piecewise linear approximation Probability Bayes methods Error probability Possibility theory Probability distribution Exponential distribution Log-normal distribution Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution Random variables Statistical distributions Distribution functions Gaussian distribution Uncertainty Sequences Binary sequences Random sequences Statistics Adaptive estimation Autoregressive processes Correlation Autocorrelation Correlation coefficient Covariance matrices Higher order statistics Histograms Linear discriminant analysis Maximum likelihood estimation Taylor series Transforms Discrete transforms Discrete cosine transforms Empirical mode decomposition Fourier transforms Discrete Fourier transforms Fast Fourier transforms Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy Karhunen-Loeve transforms Poincare invariance Wavelet transforms
  • Computers and information processing
    Mathematics computing Matlab