CybersecRDI, digital innovation hub covering cybersecurity and situated in Innovation center Nikola Tesla, was recognized as a fully operational by European Commision on January 18th, 2018., and consequently was introduced into the catalogue of fully operational digital innovation hubs maintained by European Commission. The purpose of the catalogue of fully operational digital innovation hubs is to give support to networking of DIHs with support of regional, national and European initiatives for digitalization of industry. The profile of CybersecRDI DIH in the catalogue could be accessed via the following link.

By introducing CybersecRDI into the catalogue, it become one of only few fully operational digital innovation hubs in EU devoted specifically to cyber security. CybersecRDI DIH is the key Croatian non-profit facility to support companies to become more competitive by improving their cybersecurity as well as cybersecurity products and services by up-taking education, research, development & innovation activities. More about CybersecRDI DIH can be read here.

Laboratory for information security and privacy had a key role in the establishment of the CybersecRDI DIH and is one of partners of the DIH.

Author: Stjepan Groš
Laboratory participated in the...

Coordination for the Homeland Security, headed by Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Damir Krstičević, held on March 15, 2018 in the Ministry of Defense the first simulation exercise on the state level in Republic of Croatia titled Cyber Shield 2018. Along the Minister of Defense, Coordination consists of the highest state officials, intelligence agencies, chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia, Chief of Police and other state officials in charge of defense and security. During the exercise  present was also the head of the Laboratory for Information Security and Privacy assistant professor Stjepan Groš from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing as a part of main planing team.

Read more about the Cyber Shield 2018 simulation exercise in the extended news.

Author: Stjepan Groš