Laboratory Activities

Lab's activities can be divided into two main groups, (i) research and innovation activities, and (ii) education activities. As a part of research and innovation activities Lab, among others, works on the following challenges and topics:

  • Application of machine learning to solve information security challenges.

  • Application of optimization methods to improve cryptographic primitives.

  • Application security.

  • Communication and protocol security.

  • Security of embedded and control systems.

  • Malware analysis.

  • Applied cryptography.

  • Cybersecurity.

  • Security policies.

  • Risk management.

  • Development of anonymization protocols and their application.

  • Development of new models for analysis and improvement of security and privacy.

  • Organization and participation in conferences in the region, particularly MIPRO ISS.

As a part of education activities Lab, among others, works on the following:

  • Awareness rising among engineers about security issues through courses in all levels of education on the Faculty.

  • Privacy awareness rising.

  • Life-long learning and educating specialist in the area of information security through postgraduate specialist study Information security.

  • Organizing lectures and workshops for professinals and users.

  • Summer school organizations.

  • Networking with similar education institutions in HR, EU and world in general.