Art and culture

In addition to its widely renowned core activities, FER is also present in the world of culture and art. FER Gallery will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2018, while the Academic Male Choir of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing spreads the fame of the Faculty and University, despite the fact that it is only one year old. Of course, there is also the Women’s vocal ensemble Resonance...

FER Gallery

FER Gallery was established on October 20, 1998, with the Five Artists Exhibition on Faculty Day, which initiated the exhibition activities, aimed at bringing cultural events to our students.


There are two choirs at FER: Women’s vocal ensemble Resonance, established in 2011, and the Academic Male Choir, established in 2016. Both choirs are achieving outstanding results in the relevant competitions.


Club of Electrical Engineering Students, KSET, has been active since the 1969. It gathers students in nine sections, in three areas: musical, cultural and scientific-technical.