dr. sc. Juraj Petrović

Post doc, Department of Electronic Systems and Information Processing

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  Journal articles and review articles in CC journals

1. Petrović, Juraj; Pale, Predrag.
Students’ perception of live lectures’ inherent disadvantages. // Teaching in higher education. 20 (2015) , 2; 143-157 (journal article).

2. Pale, Predrag; Petrović, Juraj; Jeren, Branko.
Assessing the learning potential and students’ perception of rich lecture captures. // Journal of computer assisted learning. 30 (2014) , 2; 187-195 (journal article).
  Scientific papers in other journals

1. Petrović, Juraj; Pale, Predrag; Jeren, Branko.
Online formative assessments in a digital signal processing course: Effects of feedback type and content difficulty on students learning achievements. // Education and Information Technologies. 22 (2017) , 6; 3047-3061 (journal article).

2. Petrović, Juraj; Pale, Predrag.
Lecturers' reactions to automated lecture capture introduction. // Polytechnic & Design. 4 (2016) , 4; 389-394 (journal article).

3. Othman, Miriam; Selnow, Gary; Crano Sullen; Petrović, Juraj.
Collaborations in health education for low-resource regions. // The Journal of Southern California Clinicians. 8 (2014) , 1; 64-69 (journal article).
  Scientific conference papers with international peer-review

1. Petrović, Juraj; Pale, Predrag.
Decision trees in formative procedural knowledge assessment // MIPRO, 2017 Proceedings of the 40th International Convention.
(lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

2. Petrović, Juraj; Vitas, Dijana; Pale, Predrag.
Experiences with supervised vs. unsupervised online knowledge assessments in formal education // PROCEEDINGS ELMAR-2017 / Muštra, Mario ; Vitas, Dijana ; Zovko-Cihlar, Branka, editor(s).
Zagreb, 2017. 255-258 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

3. Petrović, Juraj; Tralić Dijana; Pale, Predrag.
Time aspects of using audience response systems // PROCEEDINGS ELMAR-2016 / Muštra, Mario ; Tralić, Dijana ; Zovko-Cihlar, Branka, editor(s).
Zagreb, 2016. 273-276 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

4. Petrović, Juraj; Tralić, Dijana; Pale, Predrag.
Learning Benefits of Online Formative Self-Assessments // PROCEEDINGS ELMAR-2015 / Muštra, Mario ; Tralić, Dijana ; Cihlar-Zovko, Branka, editor(s).
Zagreb, 2015. 243-246 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

5. Pale, Predrag; Petrović, Juraj; Jeren, Branko.
LeCTo: a rich lecture capture solution // MIPRO, 2014 Proceedings of the 37th International Convention.
2014. (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

6. Skračić, Kristian; Petrović, Juraj; Pale, Predrag; Tralić, Dijana.
Virtual wireless penetration testing laboratory model // PROCEEDINGS ELMAR-2014 / Muštra, Mario ; Tralić, Dijana ; Cihlar-Zovko, Branka, editor(s).
Zadar, 2014. 277-280 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

7. Petrović, Juraj; Jeren, Branko; Pale, Predrag.
Concept maps in computer-assisted knowledge assessment // MIPRO, 2013 Proceedings of the 36th International Convention.
2013. (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

8. Petrović, Juraj; Pale, Predrag; Tralić, Dijana.
An Automatized Case-Based Cognitive Skills Assessment Approach // PROCEEDINGS ELMAR-2013 / Božek, Jelena, editor(s).
Zagreb, 2013. 153-156 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

9. Jagar, Mario; Petrović, Juraj; Pale, Predrag.
AuResS: The Audience Response System // PROCEEDINGS ELMAR-2012 / Božek, Jelena ; Grgić, Mislav, editor(s).
Zadar, 2012. 171-174 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

10. Petrović, Juraj; Sović, Ana; Cvitanović, Mihita; Pale, Predrag; Seršić, Damir.
What do students ask themselves during lectures? // 15th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL2012).
Villach, 2012. 1-5 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

11. Tralić, Dijana; Petrović, Juraj; Grgić, Sonja.
JPEG Image Tampering Detection Using Blocking Artifacts // PROCEEDINGS IWSSIP 2012 / Rupp, Markus ; Wistawel, Bernhard, editor(s).
Vienna, Austria : CSM Production GmbH, Wien, 2012. 5-8 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

12. Lončarić, Matej; Tralić, Dijana; Brzica, Maja; Petrović, Juraj; Grgić, Sonja.
Managing Mixed HD and SD Broadcasting // PROCEEDINGS ELMAR-2009 / Grgić, Mislav ; Božek, Jelena ; Grgić, Sonja, editor(s).
Zagreb : ELMAR Zadar, 2009. 79-82 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).
  Abstracts in Book of abstracts

1. Burušić, Josip; Blažev, Mirta; Jagušt, Tomislav; Pale, Predrag; Petrović, Juraj; Babarović, Toni; Dević, Ivan; Šimunović, Mara.
Qualitative analysis of experience, beliefs and attitudes of elementary school children towards STEM intervention program // Book of Abstracts - 13th International Conference DAYS OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY 2017 / Dimitrijević, Bojana ; Panić, Damjana, editor(s).
Niš : Faculty of Philosophy University of Niš, Serbia, 2017. 12-12 (lecture,international peer-review,abstract,scientific).
  Unpublished papers

1. Burušić, Josip; Babarović, Toni; Glasnović Gracin, Dubravka, Reljić, Ina; Šakić, Marija; Selimbegović, Leila; Dević, Ivan; Šimunović, Mara; Blažev, Mirta; Pale, Predrag; Jagušt, Tomislav; Petrović, Juraj.
STEM career aspirations during primary schooling: A cohort-sequential longitudinal study of relations between achievement, self-competence beliefs, and career interests – JOBSTEM // .
(poster,international peer-review,unpublished,scientific).

2. Petrović, Juraj; Pale, Predrag.
Lecturers' Reactions To Automated Lecture Capture Introduction // .

3. Petrović, Juraj.
Data visualization // .

4. Petrović, Juraj.
AuResS - enhancing live lectures' interactivity // .

5. Petrović, Juraj.
LeCTo - a rich lectuer capture solution // .
  Graduation thesis

1. Petrović, Juraj.
Prediction of protein-protein interactions using Random Forests / graduate thesis.
Zagreb : Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva, 03.07. 2010., 49 pages. Mentor: Šikić, Mile.

2. Petrović, Juraj.
The automated construction of a testing set for predicting of protein interactions / baccalaureus graduate thesis.
Zagreb : Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva, 03.07. 2008., 38 pages. Mentor: Jeren, Branko.
  Other papers

1. Petrović, Juraj.
Application of computers in knowledge assessment, 2012.

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