Hrvoje Vdović, mag. ing.

Research associate, Department of Telecommunications

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  Journal articles and review articles in CC journals

1. Dorcec, Lara; Pevec, Dario; Vdovic, Hrvoje; Babić, Jurica; Podobnik, Vedran.
How do people value electric vehicle charging service? A gamified survey approach. // Journal of cleaner production. 210 (2019) ; 887-897 (journal article).
  Scientific papers in other journals

1. Grgić, Demijan; Vdović, Hrvoje; Babić, Jurica; Podobnik, Vedran.
CrocodileAgent 2018: Robust agent-based mechanisms for power trading in competitive environments. // Computer science and information systems. 16 (2019) , 1; 105-129 (journal article).
  Scientific conference papers with international peer-review

1. Dorcec, Lara; Pevec, Dario; Vdovic, Hrvoje; Babic, Jurica; Podobnik, Vedran.
Exploring Willingness to Pay for Electric Vehicle Charging with Gamified Survey // Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Technologies (SpliTech 2018).
Split : IEEE, 2018. 1-8 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

2. Pirša, Andrea; Rokić, Leon; Vdović, Hrvoje; Vertlberg, Lara; Žilak, Matea; Car, Željka; Podobnik, Vedran.
Analysis of ICT-based Assistive Solutions for People with Disabilities // Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Telecommunications (ConTEL 2017) / Dobrijević, Ognjen ; Džanko, Matija, editor(s).
Zagreb : IEEE, 2017. 13-18 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).

3. Pirša, Andrea; Stanić, Boris; Štracak, Lovro; Todorović, Zoran; Vdović, Hrvoje; Žilak, Matea; Vuković, Marin; Car, Željka.
Front-end solution for enhancing web sites accessibility // Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Telecommunications / Plank, Thomas, editor(s).
Graz : IEEE, 2015. 1-8 (lecture,international peer-review,published,scientific).
  Graduation thesis

1. Vdović, Hrvoje.
Software system for managing communication network end-user service / graduate thesis.
Zagreb : Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva, 06.07. 2017, 52 pages. Mentor: Željka Car.

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