FER is one of the leading research institutions in Croatia. According to the number of contracted projects with the European Commission and the withdrawal of financial resources from the European Structural and Investment Funds, FER dominates not only within the University of Zagreb but also throughout Croatia. Our academic, research, and innovation platform is established by strong co-operation with a number of prestigious universities and research institutes, primarily through research projects.

Our Researchers

More than three hundred researchers work daily on a number of research problems, on national and international research projects.


A large number of international and national research projects are being conducted at FER, which are aligned with the Strategy of Smart Specialization of the Republic of Croatia.


Research Centers

Our research activities leads to the formation of research groups that bring together top scientists in the fields in which we operate.

Research laboratories

We established a number of research laboratories in order to develop and organize research activities and education.


Support for Researchers

We improve the quality of research with programs for stimulation of research and innovation, and by providing access to the electronic databases of scientific and technical articles.


Research Strategy

Our strategy focuses on social challenges identified in European strategic documents, which are also relevant for the economic and service sectors in Croatia.

Doctoral Study

Our doctoral study is one of three doctoral studies at the University of Zagreb awarded with the high quality mark by the Agency for Science and Higher Education.

Awards and Recognitions

Our researchers have been awarded numerous awards at home and abroad for their achievements.