EU projects

From 2009 to 2014, FER has been the leading Croatian institution in terms of successful applications for European projects in 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) – 25,2% of our projects received funding (Croatian average is around 17%, and the European around 21%), in the total amount of more than €16 million. Our success rate in the Horizon 2020 program is at the level of the European average, and again far greater than the Croatian average: 14%.

Active Projects in the Horizon 2020 Framework

Horizon 2020 is a new EU programme for research and innovations for the period 2014 – 2020, which combines the activities of 7th Framework Programme (FP7), the innovative aspects of Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) and the EU contribution to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

  • Wrist and arm sensing technologies for cardiac arrhythmias detection, prof. Ratko Magjarević, Ph.D.
  • Submarine Cultures Perform Long-Term Robotic Exploration Of Unconventional Environmental Niches, associate prof. Nikola Mišković, Ph.D.
  • Towards the propagation of AC Quantum Voltage Standards, prof. Damir Ilić, Ph.D.
  • Exploring Manycore Architectures for Next-GeneratiOn HPC systems, prof. Mario Kovač, Ph.D.
  • Advanced physical-acoustic and psycho-acoustic diagnostic methods for innovation in building acoustics, associate prof. Kristian Jambrošić, Ph.D.
  • Excelling LABUST in marine robotics, associate prof. Nikola Mišković, Ph.D.
  • Safe human-robot interaction in logistic applications for highly flexible warehouses, prof. Ivan Petrović, Ph.D.
  • Symbiosis of smart objects across IoT environments, associate prof. Ivana Podnar Žarko, Ph.D.
  • microGRId Positioning, doc. dr. sc. Hrvoje Pandžić
  • Traceability routes for electrical power quality measurements, prof. Damir Ilić, Ph.D.
  • PlaDyFleet - A fleet of unmanned surface marine vehicles PlaDyPos, mr. sc. Antonio Vasilijević

Active Projects in the FP7 Framework.

Seventh Framework Programme FP7 (FP - Framework Programme) is the main instrument of the European Union to finance scientific research and development, which lasted from 2007 to 2013.

  • Animal and robot Societies Self-organise and Integrate by Social Interaction (bees and fish), prof. Stjepan Bogdan, Ph.D.
  • New operational steps towards an alliance of European research fleets, prof. Zoran Vukić, Ph.D.