Projects funded by Croatian Science Foundation

In the last two years, FER received funding for a total of 33 projects in Croatian Science Foundation tenders for Research Projects and Installation Research Projects, which represents almost 60% of the total number of funded projects from the technical area.

Research projects

The Research Projects programme has been developed in order to support research groups that deal with internationally and/or nationally significant issues, and whose leaders are scientifically recognized for their achievements and mentoring skills.


  • Autism Diagnostic Observation with Robot Evaluator; project leader: Prof. Zdenko Kovačić
  • Flexible energy nodes in low carbon smart grid; project leader: Prof. Igor Kuzle
  • Human-centric Communications in Smart Networks; project leader:  Maja Matijašević
  • A low-cost automated system to measure the three-dimensional shape of trunk surfance ; project leader: Assist. Prof. Tomislav Pribanić
  • De-identification for Privacy Protection in Surveillance Systems ; project leader: Prof. Slobodan Ribarić
  • High-performance Semiconductor Devices for Wireless Circuit and Optical Detection Applications ; project leader: Prof. Tomislav Suligoj
  • Multi-class object detection for smart vhicles and safer roads; project leader: Prof. Siniša Šegvić
  • Sustainable Optical Comunication and Sensor Systems baed on Extended-Cavity Resonators ; project leader: Prof. Zvonimir Šipuš
  • Numerical Modelling of Complex Electromagnetic Phenomena in Transformers ; project leader: Prof. Željko Štih
  • Development of advanced high voltage systems by application of new information and communication technologies; project leader: Prof. Ivo Uglešić
  • Advanced Electric Drives for Traction Applications ; project leader: Prof. Damir Žarko
  • Advanced design methodology for switching DC-DC converters; project leader: Prof. Adrijan Barić
  • Heuristic optimization in cryptology; project leader: Prof. Domagoj Jakobović
  • Smart Grid metrology infrastructure ; project leader: Prof. Roman Malarić
  • Electric Vehicle Battery Swapping Station ; project leader: Assist. Prof. Hrvoje Pandžić
  • Beyond the Nyquist limit; project leader: Prof. Damir Seršić
  • Recommender System for Service-oriented Architecture; project leader: Prof. Siniša Srbljić

Installation Research Projects

The programme was developed to facilitate the establishment of research careers for independent scientists. The most successful scientists will get the opportunity to establish their own research groups, which will deal with internationally competitive issues at Croatian universities and public research institutes.


  • Opening up education through Seamless and COLLAborative Mobile learning on tablet computers; project leader: Assist. Prof. Ivica Botički
  • De-identification Methods for Soft and Non-biometric Identfiers; project leader: Assist. Prof. Tomislav Hrkać
  • Ultrasound system for complex material parameters determination in the nonlinear working conditions; project leader: Assist. Prof. Antonio Petošić
  • Managing Trust and Coordinating Interactions in Smart Networks of People, Machines and Organizations; project leader: doc. dr. sc. Vedran Podobnik
  • Development of Advanced Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnetic Generator for Improving Energy Efficiency; project leader: Assist. Prof. Damir Sumina
  • Algorithms  for Genome Sequence Analysis; project leader: Assist. Prof. Mile Šikić
  • 3CON - Control-based Hierarchical Consolidation of Large Consumers for Integration in Smart Grids ; project leader: Izv. prof. dr. sc. Mario Vašak
  • Development of Code Package for Advanced Gamma and Neutron Shielding Analysis; project leader: Assist. Prof. Krešimir Trontl
  • Mathematical Analysis of Multiphysics Problems Involving Thin and Composite Structures and Fluids; project leader: Assist. Prof. Igor Velčić
  • A software system for parallel analysis of multiple heterogeneous time series with application in biomedicine; project leader: Alan Jović
  • Algorithms for Systemic Risk Measurement; project leader: Assist. Prof. Zvonko Kostanjčar
  • Leveraging data mining methods and open technologies for enhancement of the e-learning infrastructure ; project leader: Assist. Prof. Damir Pintar
  • Cooperative Quality of Experience Management for Interactive Cloud-Based Multimedia Applications in Mobile Networks; project leader: Assist. Prof. Lea Skorin-Kapov
  • SenseHive: Dynamic Crowdsourcing Models for Incremental Construction of Lexico-Semantic Resources; project leader: Assist. Prof. Jan Šnajder