prof. dr. sc. Dina Šimunić

Full professor, Department of Communication and Space Technologies

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  • Engineering – general
    Standardization Standards
  • Vehicular and wireless technologies
    Wireless sensor networks
  • Aerospace and electronic systems
    Biomedical telemetry
  • Communications technology
    Biomedical communication Biomedical telemetry Communication networks Communication system security Communication system signaling Ad hoc networks Software defined networking Wireless access points Indoor communication Internet of Things Local area networks Wireless LAN Mobile communication  Personal communication networks Radio communication Regional area networks Radio access networks Railway communication Wireless communication Wireless mesh networks Wireless sensor networks Ambient assisted living
  • Computers and information processing
    Internet Internet of Things Next generation networking Software defined networking Wireless access points Mobile security Internet of Things Internet of Things Wireless access points
  • IEEE organization
    IEEE Standards activities IEEE Senior Members
  • Power engineering and energy
    Energy harvesting

Professional memberships

IEEE Senior Member
interests: wireless systems, biomedical effects of electromagnetic fields, Internet of things (IoT), smart city, 5G technology

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FP7: eWALL, eWall for Active Long Living, Grant agreement ID: 610658, 1.11.2013-31.10.2016

Hobbies and interests

biomedical effects of electromagnetic fields