Physical Education and Welfare 2

General Competencies

Learning Outcomes

Forms of Teaching

Grading Method

By decision of the Faculty Council, in the academic year 2019/2020. the midterm exams are cancelled and the points assigned to that component are transferred to the final exam, unless the teachers have reassigned the points and the grading components differently. See the news for each course for information on knowledge rating.
Continuous Assessment Exam
Type Threshold Percent of Grade Threshold Percent of Grade
Class participation 0 % 100 % 0 % 0 %

Week by Week Schedule

  1. Continuous work
  2. Continuous work
  3. Continuous work
  4. Continuous work
  5. Continuous work
  6. Continuous work
  7. Continuous work
  8. Continuous work
  9. Continuous work
  10. Continuous work
  11. Continuous work
  12. Continuous work
  13. Continuous work
  14. Continuous work
  15. Continuous work

Study Programmes

University undergraduate
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and Computing (study)
(2. semester)


Razni autori (.), Razna preporučna literatura, Razni izdavači

Laboratory exercises


ID 183364
  Summer semester
L3 English Level
L1 e-Learning
0 Lectures
0 Exercises
30 Laboratory exercises
0 Project laboratory

Grading System

100 Acceptable