Smart Sensor Networks

Course Description

Intelligent sensor concept. Networked embedded sensor. Sensor node. Hardware architectures. Micro/nano sensors and MEMS. Energy autonomy. Energy harvesting. Wireless communication. Wireless sensor networks. Signal processing in sensor networks. Sensor arrays. Tomography. Research challenges, recent projects, commercial potential and business case studies.

Study Programmes

Postgraduate doctoral study programme


Yen Kheng Tan (2017.), Energy Harvesting Autonomous Sensor Systems: Design, Analysis, and Practical Implementation, CRC Press
D. K. Lobiyal, Adwitiya Sinha, Buddha Singh, Anil Kumar Sagar, Sushil Kumar (2016.), Wireless Sensor Networks - An Overview and Research Perspectives, Chapman and Hall/CRC
Prabhakar S. Naidu (2009.), Sensor Array Signal Processing, Second Edition, CRC Press

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