Software agents for electronic market

Data is displayed for academic year: 2023./2024.

Course Description

Software agents, multi-agent systems development methodologies. Coordination of software agents, agent communication languages. Electronic market, negotiation protocols, electronic auctions. Strategic decision making, game theory and behavioral dynamics of market agents, business rules automation, semantic agents and ontologies. Agent trust models and risk analysis. Case studies: agents in competitive environment, electronic market for communication resources.

Study Programmes

Postgraduate doctoral study programme


Maria Fasli (2007.), Agent Technology For E-Commerce, Wiley
Philippe Mathieu, Bruno Beaufils, Olivier Brandouy (2005.), Artificial Economics: Agent-based Methods in Finance, Game Theory, and their Applications, Springer Science & Business Media
Martin Bichler (2001.), The Future of E-Markets: Multi Dimensional Market Mechanisms, Cambridge University Press

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  Winter semester
L0 English Level