Railway traction vehicles modeling and control

Data is displayed for academic year: 2023./2024.

Course Description

The course gives basic knowledge about the calculation of electrical and mechanical conditions in the railway power system. The methods for calculation of voltage drops, currents and forces in parallel rail services more trains is done. It analyzes the energy budget of electric traction substations in an arbitrary time interval. The short-circuit in the contact network, with radial and parallel operation, for the dimensioning of switching equipment and relay protection setting wil be processed. Objašnjava se izbor prenaponske zaštite u monofaznom elektrovučnom sustavu. The choice of the single-phase surge protection system trains will be discussed. An analysis of the impact of new connections and existing traction substations on the current and voltage conditions in the electricity transmission network system will be implemented.

Study Programmes

Postgraduate spec. study


Marc Emmelmann, Bernd Bochow, Christopher Kellum (2010.), Vehicular Networking, John Wiley & Sons
Krzysztof Karwowski (elektrotechnika), Adam Szeląg (2009.), Modern Electric Traction,

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