Power System Protection

Course Description

Definitions and terminology. Electromechanical, static, digital and numerical relays. Overcurrent protection. Distant protection. Connecting distance relays. Automatic reconnection. Differential protection of generators and transformers. Longitudinal differential protection of high voltage lines. Numerical distance protection and fault locator. Voltage and frequency protection. Thermal protection. Protection of electricity networks. Bus protection. Switch breaker protection. Transformer protection. Generator and Block Generator Transformer Protection. Protection of high voltage synchronous and asynchronous motors. Current and voltage measuring transducers and sensors. In-plant communications (wired and optical connections, Ehternet). Program blocks. Failure log and analysis (Comtrade record, Digsi, Reval, Master). Selection and adjustment of protection devices of individual components of the power system. Testing, parameterization and commissioning.

Learning Outcomes

  1. select and adjust the distribution network relay protection
  2. select and adjust the transmission relay protection
  3. select and adjust relay protection of power transformers
  4. select and adjust the generator relay protection
  5. select bus protection
  6. test relay protection devices
  7. select and adjust the motor relay protection
  8. select and adjust the relay protection of the capacitor batteries

Forms of Teaching


Seminars and workshops


Field work

Independent assignments


Work with mentor

Week by Week Schedule

  1. Protection system function, Protection system and equipment definition
  2. Protection system types, Zones of protection, Power system measurements for PS
  3. Selectivity, Sensitivity, Speed, Reliability, Communication types, Communication protocols, IEC 60870
  4. Reserve, Flexibility, Cost/Benefit considerations, IEC 61850, Protection system development
  5. Digital relay algorithms, Digital relay hardware, Digital relay communication, Digital relay settings
  6. Relay input, Measurement services of relay devices, Relay output devices and tripping circuits
  7. Overcurrent relay
  8. Midterm exam
  9. Directional overcurrent relay, Overvoltage and undervoltage relay
  10. Distance relay
  11. Differential relay, Auto-Reclosing
  12. Generator protection, Transformer protection
  13. Transmission line protection, Busbar protection, Breaker failure protection, AC motor protection, Distribution system protection
  14. Power system simulator overcurrent relay testing, Power system simulator over/under voltage relay testing, Power system simulator distance relay testing, Power system simulator differential relay testing
  15. Final exam

Study Programmes

University graduate
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Free Elective Courses (1. semester)
Communication and Space Technologies (profile)
Free Elective Courses (1. semester)
Computational Modelling in Engineering (profile)
Free Elective Courses (1. semester)
Computer Engineering (profile)
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Computer Science (profile)
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Control Systems and Robotics (profile)
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Data Science (profile)
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Network Science (profile)
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Software Engineering and Information Systems (profile)
Free Elective Courses (1. semester)


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Laboratory exercises

For students


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  Winter semester
L3 English Level
L1 e-Learning
30 Lectures
6 Exercises
12 Laboratory exercises

Grading System

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