Power Generation

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Basic characteristics of the power plants: types, power capabilities, energy production. Power plants (hydro, thermal, nuclear). Main power plant systems and equipment. Water, steam and gas turbine types. Nuclear reactor as heat source. Heat balance diagrams and power generation cycles for different plants. Characteristics and choice of main power plant electric equipment. Startup and shutdown of the plant and power change capabilities. One-line station connection diagram. Choice of synchronous generator parameters. Generator static and dynamic limits, Q-P diagram. Active and reactive power generation. Generator synchronization. Analysis of generator operation and loading. Onsite power systems. Emergency power sources. Grounding system of the plant. Process measurements. Power plants construction cost, O&M cost, and total production cost. Electricity price. Power plant operation in liberalized market.

Study Programmes

University graduate
[FER3-EN] Electrical Power Engineering - profile
(1. semester)

Learning Outcomes

  1. describe main power plants
  2. explain operation of main equipment in hydro power plant
  3. explain operation of main equipment in thermal power plant
  4. identify specific operational requirements in case of nucelar power plants
  5. analyse of one line diagrams and auxiliary systems of different power plants
  6. compute main parameters for different power plant types
  7. analyze connection of different power plants to the grid

Forms of Teaching


lectures are not required


attendance is optional

Field work

visits to power plants

Independent assignments



laboratory exercises

Week by Week Schedule

  1. Start up proceedures and costs, Steady state operation
  2. Power output maneuvering, Production shut down
  3. Turbine types (operation, control)
  4. Fourier's law of heat conduction, Thermal conductivity, Heat conduction in solid materials with and without internal heat sources, Newton's law of heat convection, Heat transfer coefficient; Experimental correlations for HTC, Heat transfer in fluids with forced and natural circulation, Heat transfer in fluids with phase change, Black body radiation - Stefan–Boltzmann law, Radiation properties of real bodies, Radiative heat exchange in a hollow enclosure; View factors, Mass transfer, Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), Application of heat transfer theory (cooling towers, cooling of electrical equipment), Numerical methods in engineering (FDM, FVM, FEM)
  5. Function and configuration of heat exchangers, Cocurrent and countercurrent heat exchangers, General design equations, Logarithmic mean temperature difference, Heat exchanger effectiveness
  6. Characteristics of power plant with fossil fuels with steam cycle (control schemes, sliding pressure mode, power changes), Characteristics of power plants with gas cycle (simple and combined cycle, partial load operation), Turbine types (operation, control)
  7. Start up proceedures and costs, Steady state operation
  8. Midterm exam
  9. Up/down ramping, Shut down modes (hot and cold shutdown, refueling)
  10. Primary energy savings, Specific requirements for power plants with combined heat and power production, CHP cycle technologies, CHP fuel usage optimization
  11. Visit
  12. Overview of generator types, Types of generator excitation, Power system stabilizer
  13. Main generator, Plant one-line diagram, Plant auxiliary loads, Grounding system
  14. Generator operational chart, Plant connection to the grid, Unit operational chart
  15. Final exam


(.), A.J. Pansini, K.D. Smalling, Guide to electric power generation, PennWell Publishing Company, USA, 1994,
(.), A.W. Ordys at. all, Modelling and simulations of power generation plants, Spinger-Verlag, UK, 1994,
(.), D. Lindsley, Power-plant control and instumentation, IET, 2000,

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