Course enrollment starts for Fall...

Course enrollment is now open. In order to apply, please send an e-mail to lecturers (,, with the subject "[pzros] Enrollment". In the e-mail, please indicate the following:

  • semester of study
  • study program
  • name of advisor

The deadline for applying is October 03, 2019.

Unfortunately, due to organizational constraints, we will not be able to enroll first and second year students. To these students we recommend to enroll the Linux fundamentals course, which provides important background for this course.

Author: Ivan Marković
Introductory and Lecture 01:...

The introductory and the first lecture, covering basic use of the Linux operating system, will be held on Wednesday, October 23 at 13h00, in the ZARI seminar on the IX. floor (room C-09-02, when you exit the elevator turn left towards the windows and then left again).

To follow the lecture material, it is advisable to bring a laptop with Linux. The required Linux distribution is Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver. The recommended way of installing is either standalone or in dual boot mode. If you do not feel comfortable installing Linux alongside your current OS (which is not without perils, i.e. it is possible to mess up your system, make it unbootable and loose data), you do not have to do it at this point. You will be able to follow the lectures without a Linux computer. The alternative is to run Linux inside VMWare Player or VirtualBox. Download the Ubuntu 18.04 installation image and follow the VMWare Player instructions for adding a new guest OS. Also, make sure that you have access to WiFi.

Author: Ivan Marković