Optimization Principles of the Electric Power Networks

Course Description

Introduction to optimization and mathematical programming. Modeling of transmission network, generating units, demand and energy storage. Primal-dual transformation and KKT optimality conditions. Stochastic and robust optimization. Applications on optimal power flow, unit commitment, optimal bidding. Using GAMS/Matlab to solve optimization problems.

Study Programmes

Postgraduate doctoral study programme


Daniel S. Kirschen, Goran Strbac (2004.), Fundamentals of Power System Economics, John Wiley & Sons
Antonio J. Conejo, Enrique Castillo, Roberto Minguez, Raquel Garcia-Bertrand (2006.), Decomposition Techniques in Mathematical Programming, Springer Science & Business Media
Antonio J. Conejo, Miguel Carrión, Juan M. Morales (2010.), Decision Making Under Uncertainty in Electricity Markets, Springer Science & Business Media

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