Networked sensors, sensors data and application in insurance

Course Description

Networked sensors are available technology that is increasingly used in many areas of the industry, the environment, the living and working spaces, and the analysis of their data using machine intelligence opens new business applications, including adaptation to individual customers. The aim of this course is to provide insight into the technology of networked sensor systems and their applications, and to use of sensor data in insurance. It will elaborate the basics of sensor technology, sensor networks, data collection and analysis, in particular reliability and data security. The goal is to gain insight into the capabilities and limitations of technology, device ownership and data ownership models, and business models. Students will learn about the application of networked sensors in multiple domains: monitoring the health and lifestyle, smart working and living spaces, networked vehicles and traffic, manufacturing, agriculture, and environmental monitoring. Case studies on the application of sensor data in the insurance will be done. In the course, lectures, guest lecturers, analysis of case studies and group work will be combined.

Study Programmes

Postgraduate spec. study


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American International Group (2015.), The Internet of Things: Evolution or Revolution? Part 1 in a Series, American International Group
S.L.B VanderLinden, S.M. Millie, N. Anderson, S. Chishti (2018.), The INSURTECH Book: The Insurance Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and FinTech Visionaries, Wiley

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  Summer semester
L1 English Level