Mathematical software testing and experiment planning

Course Description

Software testing. Orthogonal Arrays. Construction of Orthogonal Arrays. Orthogonal Array Testing. Planning Experiment. Statistical Application of Orthogonal Arrays. Factorial Experiments. Latin Squares. Construction of Latin Squares. Statistical model and Analysis of Variance for the Latin Square Design. Balanced Incomplete Block Designs. Construction of BIBD. Statistical model and Analysis of Variance for BIBDs.

Study Programmes

Postgraduate doctoral study programme


A.S. Hedayat, N.J.A. Sloane, John Stufken (2012.), Orthogonal Arrays, Springer Science & Business Media
Douglas C. Montgomery (2017.), Design and Analysis of Experiments, 9th Edition, John Wiley & Sons
Douglas R. Stinson (2007.), Combinatorial Designs, Springer Science & Business Media

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  Summer semester
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