Modeling of Electricity Market

Course Description

Modeling of hydro and thermal generation, optimal using of hydro reservoir and fuel purchase agreement, optimal planning of maintenance and unforeseen outages. Modeling of ancillary services and emissions: optimization of generation and rotating reserve, integrated modeling of emissions, modeling of emission constraints, evaluated of emission prices. Financial modeling: modeling of strategic policy, short and long term generation sufficiency, optimization of trading strategy for defined portfolio.

Study Programmes

Postgraduate doctoral study programme


Derek W Bunn, Derek W. Bunn (2004.), Modelling Prices in Competitive Electricity Markets, John Wiley & Sons Incorporated
Steven Stoft (2002.), Power System Economics, Wiley-IEEE Press
Alexander Eydeland, Krzysztof Wolyniec (2003.), Energy and Power Risk Management, John Wiley & Sons

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  Winter semester
L0 English Level